Metaphorical Journeys

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The best of ambient, downtempo and chillout. Enjoy. 

Clear Your Mind

Spirit Dance.

The start of a beautiful journey. 

Take a Flight into the Unknown.

Let your troubles float away, get a hot cup of tea overlooking the ocean and open your arms wide to hug the whole damn world.

Subject Your Ears To Heat And See Colors In The Sky.

Very, very proud of it. 

Outer Space

Sort of like electronic ambient. But it’s different, eclectic, eccentric, and powerful. Listen to it; It’s a thoughtful compilation. 

Altar Records Sampler.

The best playlist I have come across. Piercing soundtracks that will leave you feeling exuberant. If you have been there, all you need is this to go back again. You’ve gotta go there to come back.