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Robosonic - The Edge (Original mix)

Hearts pumping, bodies spinning, hard dancing- yes, this is what this track is all about. Introducing Robosonic’s ‘The Edge.’ Bring the heat on, turn the volume up and play this track. Guaranteed head nods. 

Michel Polnareff-Lettre à France (Max Cole Remix)

I fell in love with this song the moment it started playing. The guitar sample in it (which runs throughout the whole song) adds so much goodness to it that it will immediately unburden you. A solid minimal beat with chill vibes combined with a touch of love and comfort.  

Oliver Schories - Live @ Fusion Festival 2012

What a great session! It begins with one of my recent favorites and continues to remain lovely. I definitely want to go for the Fusion Festival if it has artists like Oliver Schories playing in it. Light and airy - this is Oliver Scories’ session at the fusion festival for you. 

Eiblonski on SoundCloud

Born and raised in a small village called Göttingen, Eiblonski (Jonas Eibl) moved to Berlin in the year 2006. During the first time in Berlin he lived with his sister and her boyfriend (Paul Schulleri). Inspired from Berlin, and looking for a new challenge, Eiblonski started in 2007 producing techno with his brother in law Paul. While Paul taught Jonas the essentials of producing, Jonas brought some new housey inspiration. By now Paul and Jonas aka. Schulleri & Eiblonski are producing mind-blowing tech house and are organizing well known events in Berlin under the name “Tanz oder gar nicht”. Right now Paul and Jonas are up to starting their own label (Spreekader Aufnahmen) and one thing we can already mention: It is going to be awesome.

Schulleri & Eiblonski - Schlamassel (Original Mix)

Okay. I just discovered this track. You know how euphoric a great discovery makes you feel? Almost childlike. For me, this is a great discovery. Sit back, turn on your speakers and prepare yourself for an amazing track with an amazing progression. It begins with a psychill intro and completes the circle by ending with psychill too. That’s all I needed for closure. I really didn’t expect it to pick up. And then out of nowhere, a typical (but effective) deep house beat kicks in. Digitally minimilastic and classy this track is. Enjoy.  

Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane (Florian Paetzold Edit)

Another remix of Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane by Florian Paetzold. What can I say about this song? so tender, passionate and dreamy. sounds like any another deep house track at first; and then the tenderness hits you.

Angus and Julia Stone - All Of Me (Oliver Rado Remix)

Yes, more Rado. Presenting Rado’s interpretation of Angus and Julia Stone’s All of Me. I thought of posting this song because it’s raining outside, and it fits so well. It’s a great combination of Rado’s smoothness and A&J’s subtlety. Beautiful.  

Glen Porter Revisited



It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Glen Porter, and let me tell you… it feels great to listen to his music again. So here is a second tribute to Mr. Porter:

Glen Porter’s music is that kind of instrumental that speaks to you without words. It is expressionist, simple and beautiful at the same time. It’s also powerful. Sit back, relax and experience Glen Porter. It will be worth it. 

Glen Porter - And Death Of

Glen Porter - Slowburn

Glen Porter - The Life

Glen Porter - Transient

Glen Porter - Self Destruction

Glen Porter - I Sat Alone

Glen Porter - Something Glue

Glen Porter - Yours

Oliver Rado - KLUB KIND - Podcast Juli 2012

Today’s post features another one of Rado’s masterful but subtle pieces: A one hour long session that will be the perfect companion for train and/or car journeys, walks, after night and early morning chilling sessions, romanticism, nostalgic memories, moments of clarity, bigger pictures and cocktail parties. 

Also, I have decided to add label names under each track on my website. I recently found out the importance of a track’s record label. Knowing a track’s label is incredibly helpful if you want to find similar music by other artists, more remixes and similar albums. So labels are the niche of genres. Plus, it’s good to give them credit. If you are like me, you probably weren’t aware of how significant record labels are until now.